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How I Made Friends With the Toughest Judges at Nottingham Pitch Competition


Yesterday I pitched Feedback Loop at Nottingham’s annual start-up of the year 2013 competition final. It was my first pitch in England with a really tough Q&A session. However, I managed to make friends with the judges and even taught the bartender a lesson.

Here’s how I did that and what I learnt.

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10 Highlights Showing Why Working at Feedback Loop in Australia Rocks

Feedback loop has recently expanded to England, which is great. However, it means that I had to leave my colleagues in Sydney to head up our new London office.

Note: This post was originally written for Feedback Loop blog and can be found here.

Before leaving, I put together a list of 10 best highlights of my time at Feedback Loop in Australia. Read more to find out why Canberra is not as bad as people think, how a printing mistake can help your business and why wearing a moustache can actually be a good idea.

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