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That time we hiked across the Grand Canyon

They say there’s a thin line between love and hate. I say there’s also a thin line between crazy and awesome things (moving to San Francisco was one of those).

You may have seen one of those “People are Awesome” video compilations. They show the most incredible feats, from people somersaulting onto skateboards to juggling with hands and feet at the same time.

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to participate in my own kind of “People are Awesome” version. 17 people from California flew to Arizona, rented two houses in Flagstaff, drove to Grand Canyon, finished a 35 km (22mi) hike across the Canyon, swopped cars and drove 200 miles (320 km) back for a party.

On your personal scale, is that crazy or awesome?
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Why I’ll never forget my first trip to New York

“Is anyone home?”

“Can you please bring my passport to the airport?”

Two hours before my flight to New York, I was sipping beer in a happy hour when I realized I left my passport at home. Thanks to my lovely housemate Sarah, I boarded the plane.

Second fail in a row. I planned to attend the Raptors vs Knicks game at the Madison Square Garden. After confusing Eastern and Pacific time zones, I booked a return flight during the game and had to book a new one.

Soon I will learn it was all worth it. I landed on the East Coast.
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